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composed by Ray Noble and John E. Davis Jr.
(Shapiro Bernstein & Co.)
Bob Sutter . . . . . piano

This song, by the same composer who wrote "The Very Thought of You", has been to more jam sessions than you have!

I had originally planned on recording "Cherokee" as a sax/piano duo. However, my plans quickly changed when, arriving at the studio for a mixing/editing session, I was greeted by a sullen John Larson who informed me that his studio would be closing for good after this last live session. After the initial shock, my son Ben (my nearly constant companion and advisor throughout this recording project) and I looked at each other and realized that it was now or never for "Cherokee". So, I played a few solo piano takes of the song after we had finished our other tasks.

I will never forget the strange sense of urgency I it turned out, this was the last music recorded in his terrific studio. Consequently, this track holds a special meaning for me.

I dedicate it to John and his wife Laura who made it very easy for me to be my best.

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