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Puddle Splashin' Real Audio MP3
Strident Steps Real Audio MP3
Messiaenic Steps
Paddy O' Steps
One Perfect Fifth Deserves Another
Spanish Rhapsody on a Theme by Bach Real Audio MP3
Little Baby Steps
Brazilian Dorian Dream Real Audio MP3
Dorian Slumber

This recording features me playing a Steinway D concert grand piano.
All tracks were recorded and mixed at Larson Recording in Chicago.
Mastering was done at Colossal Mastering by Dan Stout.
I play solo piano on six tracks and on the rest I am joined by some of my talented friends;
Bruce Carver (tabla and shaker); John Williams (button accordion); and Paulinho Garcia (guitar and voice).

My original compositions include a song I wrote for one of my teachers ("Dorian Slumber"), a song I wrote for an 11-year-old boy ("One Perfect Fifth Deserves Another"), a song I wrote for a 55-year-old Celtic pianist ("Paddy O' Steps") and a few songs I wrote for the 47-year old pianist whose website you are now browsing.

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The CD cover artwork was drawn for me by my son Dan when he was four.
He is now nineteen and proud to see his drawing featured as the cover art for my debut album.
(I am pretty darn pleased about it too)

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