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composed by Bob Sutter (Bubnut Music)
Bob Sutter . . . . . piano
Bruce Carver . . . . . tabla

This song is actually a shortened version of one of several etudes I wrote for myself while studying "Giant Steps". It is basically a preliminary drill of the root movement featured in the first three chords of "Giant Steps", hence the name "Little Baby Steps". I added a complimentary dominant seventh to make it a nice tidy loop for extended practicing. It is really fun to play.

The harmonic drill notwithstanding, this piece was largely inspired by Bach's Goldberg Variation #26. In that remarkable work, Bach maintains a steady pulse in the form of sixteenth-notes which steadily move from one end of the keyboard to the other and back again. This intricate latticework provides a dazzling contrast (and challenge) to the stately harmonic fanfare that is miraculously stated by whatever fingers are left over! It is truly amazing...check it out if you haven't already.